The following definition is available for Device resources

Field Name Type Required Description
adbname String False ADB devicename
origin String True Name of device (from RGC settings)
pool String False Configpool for this area
walker String True Walker of this area


Field Name Type Required Description
account_rotation Boolean False Rotate accounts (f.e. to prevent long cool downs) - Only for PTC
clear_game_data Boolean False Clear game data if logins fail multiple times
cool_down_sleep Boolean False Add extra cooldown after teleport
delay_after_hatch Decimal False Delay in minutes to wait before moving to the location of a hatched egg. Raidbosses do not necessarily appear immediately. (Default: 3.5)
ggl_login_mail String False Declare a login address or domain from phone (Empty = first entry)
Use | to set more the one account (address|address)
logintype String False Select login type for automatic login. If using Google make sure that account already exists on device.
mitm_wait_timeout Decimal False Timeout in seconds while waiting for data after setting/reaching a location. (Default: 45)
post_pogo_start_delay Decimal False Delay in seconds to wait after starting pogo. (Default: 60.0)
post_screenshot_delay Decimal False The delay in seconds to wait after taking a screenshot to copy it and start the next (Default: 1)
post_teleport_delay Decimal False Delay in seconds after teleport. (Default: 4.0)
post_turn_screen_on_delay Decimal False Delay in seconds after a screenshot has been taken and about to be saved. (Default: 0.2)
post_walk_delay Decimal False Delay in seconds after reaching destination. (Default: 2.0)
ptc_login String False PTC User/Password (Format username,password)
Use | to set more the one account (username,password|username,password)
reboot Boolean False Reboot device if reboot_thresh is reached (Default: false)
reboot_thresh Integer False Restart Phone after restart Pogo N times. (Default: 3)
restart_pogo Decimal False Restart Pogo every N location-changes. (Default: 80. - 0 for never)
restart_thresh Integer False Restart Pogo after reaching MITM Timeout N times. (Default: 5)
rotate_on_lvl_30 Boolean False Rotate accounts if player level >= 30 (for leveling mode)
rotation_waittime Decimal False Rotate accounts if wait time is longer than x seconds after teleport (Default: 300 - requires account_rotation to be enabled)
route_calc_algorithm String False Method of calculation for routes. (Default: optimized)
screendetection Boolean False Use this argument if there are login/logout problems with this device or you want to levelup accounts
screenshot_quality Integer False Quality of screenshot (Default: 80)
screenshot_type String True Type of screenshot (Default: jpeg)
screenshot_x_offset Integer False Adjust the x-axis click offset on phones with softbars and/or black upper bars. (+ right - left / Default: 0)
screenshot_y_offset Integer False Adjust the y-axis click offset on phones with softbars and/orblack upper bars. (+ down - up / Default: 0)
startcoords_of_walker String False Start Coords of Walker (Default: None) (Format: 123.45,67.89)
vps_delay Decimal False Set click delay for pokestop walker (VPS -> local phone) (Default: 0)
walk_after_teleport_distance Decimal False Walk in meters to walk after teleport. Might help loading data (Default: None)