ADB: Android Debug Bridge is a command-line tool for communicating with Android devices.

APK: Android application package is the app file format used on Android devices.

ATV: Android TV. See MAD-device-list for a list of suggested devices.

Magisk: Magisk is a suite of open source tools for customizing Android and is required for running PoGo on a rooted Android device.

MAD: Map’A’Droid - this software! Sometimes referred to as Map-A-Droid; usually where ' can’t be used (URLs and such).

MADevice: 3rd party tool, MADevice is a service that will alert you when a device (phone or ATV) may be having an issue.

MADmin: Map’A’Droid admin software.

MITM: Man In The Middle.

PD: PogoDroid.

PMSF: PokeMap Standalone Frontend is a powerful map written in PHP.

RGC: Remote GPS Controller.

RocketMAD: RocketMAD is a powerful frontend maintained by MAD’s core developers and the MAD community.

scrcpy: scrcpy provides display and control of Android devices connected on USB (or over TCP/IP). Like a VNC viewer for android devices.

TWRP: Team Win Recovery Project is an open source recovery image for Android devices.