A powerful frontend maintained by MAD’s core developers and the MAD community. Written in Python.

RocketMAD on Github


PMSF or PokeMap Standalone Frontend is a powerful map written in PHP. Right now, there’s one fork that is being activately developed by whitewillem which does support MAD.

PMSF on Github

Webhook tools

MAD is able to send the scanned data via webhook to third party software.


PokeAlarm (PA) is the most common tool. It relays almost anything to several types of chats like Telegram or Discord. It also provides a lot of filter possibilities to configure it to anyone’s needs.

PokeAlarm on Github


PoracleJS is based on running a Discord or Telegram bot that will either send events to a group/channel or as a private message to you. So every user can set their own filters. Poracle is able to send mon, raids and quests.

PoracleJS on Github


Novabot is a Discord bot that doesn’t actually use webhooks. It pulls the data directly from the database. Just like Poracle, novabot is configurable for each user individually. It’s able to post mon, raids and has a raid coordination system built-in.

novabot on Github